Isildur1 news

Isildur1 news


Isildur1 news

In the past few months, Viktor Blom, probably better known as Isildur1, has been one really known phenomenon in online poker. He showed himself, for the first time back in 2009 on a cold November day when he proved to the whole world that he has an extraordinary talent in terms of poker. One of the reason for this was his participation in some of the biggest pots ever been played. Despite this sudden start, Viktor Blom is certainly one of the greatest and most famous poker players today. When he appeared in 2009, nobody knew who he really was. He would not tell his real name and who he was, apart from his nickname Isildur1. So, rumors quickly leaked, and there was the wildest guesses at who is actually hiding behind the mask Isildur1. Some felt that it was Phil Ivey, others guessed it was Michael Jackson who played from a secret island; there were some wild guesses. This secret kind of beginning to the poker career has just helped to make Viktor becoming one of the most known players ever. Almost all poker sites in the world wrote about him, and everyone followed him, and they still are pretty interested in his actions.

The 8th of January 2010 - The Reveal

On January 8th, 2011 it all was revealed at a major event in the Bahamas. Preparations were made for the big revelation, when the great live showoff match, had already announced to host a participating Isildur1 - at the time nobody knew that it was Victor Blom who was hiding behind the online phenomenon. So it was a big surprise to everyone when the curtain went down and out of the blue came Viktor Blom. A week earlier it had been announced that Isildur1 would in future be part of the well-known PokerStars pro team. Now that all the pieces have fallen into place, Viktor will be the front figure of Pokerstars, which is considered to be a great thing for so young a player.

From Borrowing Money from his Parents to be a Millionaire

The thing we always will remember Viktor for is that he actually managed to lose all the millions he won the very first lap. He managed to make about $2000 to $2,000,000, but threw them all away again. After that he went back to his parents to borrow money to play again, and to pay his rent. Imagine going from being a millionaire to borrowing money from your parents, to become a millionaire again. Because that was what he managed to do. After his down period, he found himself and came back. Once again, many big games prove that he is a fantastic player who knows what must be done, and does what has to be done. He has, in all sorts of imaginable ways, managed to show confidence and thus stand against all the major players. The funny thing about poker is that you can be the next Isildur1 / Viktor Blom.

Isildur1 news

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